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Nicholas painting 1952 Record sleeve 1960 Royal Festival Hall - Ready Steady Go concert 2011
"Chair" Painting
Nicholas & Mother
Cafe de la Paix
Paris 1948
Record Sleeve 1960 Royal Festival Hall
Ready Steady Go
concert 2011

Painting and drawing have been the main preoccupations of Nicholas's life since childhood. When he was ten he was taken to the Louvre and saw his first Cézanne, Still Life with Onions and Bottle. On returning to London his mother gave him his first oil paints.

Having attended King Alfred School, Hampstead, where he painted, acted and directed, Nicholas then went to Chelsea Art School, followed by the Slade School of Fine Art as a post-graduate. He was immersed in the radical period of the sixties, which exerted a great influence on the young artist; as did visiting New York (and meeting Andy Warhol), travelling to Russia and Japan and designing classical record covers in Paris (including one for Edith Piaf).

At Chelsea, Elizabeth Frink, Robert Clatworthy and Edward Middleditch were among Nicholas's tutors. At the Slade he studied painting under Sir William Coldstream, Lucien Freud, Robert Medley and Nicolas Giordiadis. Professor Gombrich taught Art History. As a post-graduate he studied French Cinema under Thorold Dickinson, as well as stage design.

After leaving the Slade Nicholas painted mostly large abstract works, exploring an inner private and rather sombre domain. Having a love of the countryside, he also painted smaller landscape and garden pieces very much influenced by the Fauves, André Derain, Bonnard and Matisse.

Classical Renaissance painting was also a great inspiration to Nicholas after spending many summers in Florence with Sir John Pope-Hennessey, the director of the Victoria and Albert Museum and Metropolitan Museum in New York.

During the sixties there were several major exhibitions of American art in London, from Rothko to Rauschenberg. Exposure to these painters liberated and moved Nicholas's painting from the more measured world of Mondrian.

Nicholas became a set designer for the television show 'Ready Steady Go!' where he designed and made collages which were blown up into huge bold statements. Some of these works were shown in the 'Les Sixties' exhibition at Les Invalides in Paris in 1996 and in 'Art in the Sixties' at Tate Britain in 2004. In 2011 these were used as vast backdrops for an 'RSG!' concert at the Royal Festival Hall as part of that year's Meltdown Festival, curated by Ray Davies.

Nicholas's contacts with the Beatles during the sixties led to his directing films in the seventies for Paul McCartney, Elton John, David Bowie and Marc Bolan. His career as a director of television and film never stood in the way of his painting, which he fitted into his work schedule.

Having worked in his studio in France for many years, the cultural influence on Nicholas's painting is considerable, with inspiration ranging from Debussy to Corbusier.

Today, retired from directing, Nicholas devotes himself to his painting, both in London and in his studio in Septfonds, in the Aveyron region of France.

Septfonds France Nicholas painting in France French catalogue 1964 Arles Exhibition 2000
Septfonds House
painting 1994
Septfonds, France
Arles Catalogue
2000 interior &
exterior of studio at Septfonds
Nicholas at
exhibition in
Arles 2000


  • Michael Parkin Gallery, Belgravia, London (mixed shows)
  • Louise Hallett Gallery, Paddington, London (mixed shows)
  • Burgh House, Hampstead, London, 1992, 1993
  • 'Les Sixties' Les Invalides, Paris, 1996
  • 'The Sixties', Brighton Museum, 1997
  • Chapelle Sainte-Anne, Arles, France,1998
  • 'Exposition Franco-Britannique, Arles, France, 2000
  • 'Art and the Sixties' Tate Britain, London, 2000
  • 'The Kentish Town Group', Kentish Town, London, 2001
  • Gallerie Bauer, St Moritz, Switzerland, 2007
  • Giovanni Rossi Fine Art, Florida, USA, 2008
  • CWF Fine Art, Portobello Road, London, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Gallery 88, Sydney, Australia, 2011

Works also feature in many private collections in Europe and the United States. Nicholas's paintings have been commissioned by art patron Baron Nicolas van den Branden de Reith and many others.

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Photograph of Nicholas Ferguson Biography C.V.
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His early days at Art School.
Theatre and television
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New Paintings
U.K. and French works
made between
2010 and 2014
Interior and Landscape image
Landscape & Interior Paintings
U.K. and French works from 1960
to 2000. Landscapes, still -lives,
interiors and portraits.
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Abstract Paintings
Paintings from 1960's mostly painted
in London. Plus a more joyful series
from his studio in Septfonds, Aveyron,
France during the 90's.
Recent Painting Image Paintings 2000-2008
Landscapes and interiors
painted in S.W.France and also in
Recent Sculpture Image Sculpture
Created recently in S.W.France

"' Dusty & Marlene ' RSG! design 1965
(print available)

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