nicholas ferguson

Interior and Landscape image

To contact Nicholas about his work
or if you have a query regarding a painting
for sale please

email: Nicholas Ferguson

or call him on: 07714241985 or 0208 797 6019

Photograph of Nicholas Ferguson Biography C.V.
and background.
His early days at Art School.
Theatre and television
Interior and Landscape image
New Paintings
U.K. and French works
made between
2010 and 2014
Interior and Landscape image
Landscape & Interiors
U.K. and French works from 1960
to 2000. Landscapes, still -lives,
interiors and portraits.
Abstract Image link
Paintings from 1960's mostly painted
in London. Plus a more joyful series
from his studio in Septfonds, Aveyron,
France during the 90's.
Recent Painting Image Paintings 2000-2008
Landscapes and interiors
painted in S.W.France and also in
Recent Sculpture Image Sculpture
Created in S.W.France